Bisexuality in both male and females is very common, and it can range from having fleeting thoughts about the same sex to having regular relations with both men and women. Understand bisexual thoughts and behavior with advice from a human sexuality counselor in this free video on sexual health. Expert: Carol L. Clark Contact: Bio: Dr. Carol L. Clark has a Ph.D. in human sexuality, and she works with a variety of individuals, couples and groups with a wide variety of concerns. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Are we really bisexuals or are we Bi-frontin?
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50 Responses to Sexuality Tips & Facts : Signs of Male Bisexuality

  1. xDivatoxicV3 says:

    @xDivatoxicV3 & I don’t want a relationship with a man either, I’m not aganist it, but I just see my attraction to men in a physical way & for women, I do see having a relationship with.

  2. xDivatoxicV3 says:

    There is nothing wrong with bisexuality. I have never had the idea of having a relationship, never. I don’t think it’s for me. But I don’t want to be a person who just has sex with everyone. I’m bisexual, I don’t really have emotional feelings for either gender tbh, I just have physical attraction to both sexes. I would like to end up having a wife and children.

  3. ANIMALcop0403 says:

    @JunglePweople when i came out to my parents the first thing my dad told me is why dont you make up your mind?? I hate that too, the fact that people assume that we cant make a decision as to what we like… but yeah thats totally offensive…

  4. SillyNerdify says:

    @JumbaJohn You are so right. I’m bisexual, and for years I hated myself for how I felt. I grew up in a very Catholic household, so I thought that my feelings towards the same gender were extremely wrong. It wasn’t until I went through therapy that I managed to accept myself for me. Don’t hate yourself you’re not the only one! (look up Trayce Shaw for another bi male, he helps with people dealing with bisexuality) :)

  5. arbiterjei says:

    @megaelliott LMAOO

  6. rentheadangelcollins says:

    @JunglePweople I know! I’m bisexual and I am a virgin. I don’t care about the gender of the person I love, but who they are at heart. It’s that simple. I have dated both men and women, but never at the same time, and I NEVER cheat. I don’t get bored with any one gender and move to the next, I just love whoever shows me they love me too and I know we have a shot at happiness together.

  7. Craigomyeggo says:

    The only really annoying part is when I’m in a change-room, I usually got to just go into a corner and not look at anyone so I don’t get an erection because that would be really awkward.

  8. GriffinWolf2008 says:

    @JunglePweople I have to agree

  9. JunglePweople says:

    Why do people always relate bisexuals to swingers? Its kinda offensive, to be honest

  10. qwertyuiopz123 says:

    this is pretty ironic because i cant tell the gender of whos in the video

  11. KendraHoder says:

    Thank you. People keep asking me how I can be bisexual and not really sexually attracted to other women besides my best friend. I did sleep with a few women when I was younger but I was never really satisfied with the encounters. June and I had been close friends for years before we made love. I physically ache for her sexually, but it has so much more to do with the fact that I love her completely. I see her and my husband in terms of emotional beings first and physical beings second.

  12. UglySean says:

    She doesn’t say all THAT much. Yes I’m bi. Married to a straight person of that other gender. Monogamous? Sure, but that guy wearing a kilt today was still rather hot.

  13. luckypapi87 says:

    @Shavarnarak really nothing wrong with being half gay?…tell that to god when u meet him…

  14. SentinelConvergence says:

    @Draculix I was just wondering the same thing myself. Bisexuals are either nymphomaniacs or lame-brained hippies? No other possible attitudes towards romantic and sexual relationships?

  15. CaptinDickLong says:

    This woman’s smile will haunt me for years to come…..

  16. TotesFeuer says:

    @101gaarafan yes it really is pretty tricky…partly because he sure is thousand of kilometers away from knowing that i love him

  17. stewiesfan2011 says:

    Well, I recently turned Bisexual. It seems that the saying is true, “Love knows no gender.”

  18. 101gaarafan says:

    @TotesFeuer awwww i no how u feel! see if he’s gay or bi and if so ask him out! if he’s not i’m not gonna say don’t, it just didn’t work well for me :(

  19. boomexploded says:

    I consider myself bisexual because I love guys and I love girls. Not looking to get in your pants and them off to my next one night stand. ya some bi people may do that but have you noticed straight people have been known to do that to. I like to have normal relationships sometimes with men sometimes with women.

  20. JRC3034 says:

    @megaelliott don’t worry its cool, sorry if I got a little too passionate. :)

  21. 47501770 says:

    Is it wrong to think like both option she gave… Fuck it if you don’t like it suck it… (Cool sprer of the moment cach phrase, all though I’m sure I’m not the first to say it). Sorry for rambling

  22. jngjones1 says:

    In my experience over 50+ years it’s not a problem to have a good marriage and also great homosexual friendships provided you keep the sex non-anal and are careful about oral.

  23. Draculix says:

    So you’re either a sex-crazed maniac or a hippy trendsetter?
    Signs of a bisexual =/= bisexual stereotypes.

    –The opinion of a typical bloke who’s bisexual.

  24. fuzzynippleman says:

    you are a sad, total fool. people have attractions. booooo on you for pulling the standard BS about people that are just overly horny and people that can “look beyond” gender. NO!!!! you’re not attracted to a gender because you look beyond it. if you are BI you look for/at both genders. females are sexy because they are hot women and men because they are manly (if that’s your thing)

  25. Lmpfapo1 says:

    @SebastianSlasherMP This hugovsky5 sounds like an idiot. But, I just wanna inform you that realise and realize are both correct. Realise is the BrE way of spelling it.

  26. Sillilesshells says:

    @TheMostAbsentMinded yeah…i can’t quite place my finger on how i wanted to reply to her but i was offended by this too. the part where she goes something like u cn’t be bi if you’ve just eperemented. its not just like i see a girl and i want to experement with her but its about what i think as well as what my body says.and i thought the tone of what she was saying was like saying a bi’s woul just be lured to everybody they see.first girl i liked was before i ever did nythng with a girl

  27. Sillilesshells says:

    you don’t even have to experemnet. i think if you know you know.

  28. hotdrumchick says:

    I like your saying “My eyes are bisexual!”, haha I’ll use that, it you don’t mind!
    That’s how I feel also: I enjoy looking at women, but I’m strictly dickly, lol!

  29. MadeByKodak says:

    you contridicted urself and I’m not feeling ANYTHING ur saying. If u’ve had sex with a woman more than once then ur BI-SEXUAL. YOU CAN’T EXPERIMENT 5,6 TIMES. An experiment is once anything after that….To me it seems as if ur trying to NOT Claim ur sexuality. Ur trying to justify being with a chick but not trying to fess up…Be True to urself…

  30. BizzarestStarrByFar says:

    <3 Women <3 && <3 Men <3

  31. SillyNerdify says:

    @TheMostAbsentMinded I know eh? But other than that girl because she is my best friend, only my sister knows, and I’m not about to openly hit on a girl because well, I’m still pretty much in the closet lol, well ok there was this one time when I was drunk, but so was everyone else was drunk so no one noticed X)

  32. TheMostAbsentMinded says:

    @SillyNerdify lol I am the same way, only my best friend knows (she says she’s bi too and we’ve fooled around but she never wants to do sexual things to me so I Think she just likes getting off more then actually being bi) I think being in the “closet” wont be an issue until I date a girl and want her to meet my family, until then I’m not coming out. I feel the same way, its hard to tell if a girl actually likes you or just wants to experiment. Or is just overly friendly.

  33. TheMostAbsentMinded says:

    I think if you can be in love with either sex, be in a long term relationship, want to wake up to either a man or a woman (NOT both, being bi doesnt give you the right to cheat or multi date) Its sad when people do it to be trendy. I wrestled with my sexuality a lot, even cried over it cause I was so confused. Then I realized, if I was straight I wouldnt feel this way. When I’m in a relationship I only want to be with that person, not oh I want a woman tonight or a man. Thats not cool IMO.

  34. miku282 says:

    thank you! i do agree that being bisexual has been trendy lately and it annoys the crap out of me!! i think that somehow loosely saying that one is bisexual is a bit of an insult to those who really are bisexual and having a hard time coming out about it.

  35. SillyNerdify says:

    a wise person once told me that a woman can admire another womans body, and she can find them attractive, even sexy without being bisexual or lesbian. Which is the unfortunate case with the girl I like :( oh well, there are other fish in the LGBT sea X) lol (I’m bi, and no its not because its trendy, I hardly let anyone I actually know that I am, I’ll say it on comments, but hey, none of you know who I am, or anyone I know lol)

  36. onlyforlove72 says:

    @hannii0220 being physically attracted to someone does NOT make you a different sexuality. its a matter of being in love with the person.
    if what you say is correct then EVERYBODY would be bisexual. i’ve heard lesbians say they are physically attracted to guys.

  37. onlyforlove72 says:

    its not that simple. you can’t go around and say you are something you arent.
    it will confuse those who are bi and lesbian/gay.
    because of people who do pretend to be bisexual (but are NOT) it gives a bad reputation to those who truly are. people think theyre whores. this is not ok.
    the fakes need to stop.

  38. hannii0220 says:

    dudee!! your bisexual!!!! if you’re atractive 4 a women and men…..(your bisexual!) duh!

  39. 16973774 says:

    Imao, peace~

  40. justinlovespastry says:

    This video helped me out XD

  41. tinkjonas221 says:

    Thank you for helping me understand what being beisexual means..

  42. MRHALOTIP says:

    .. i lookd up COD and got here?

  43. jungleman68 says:

    you’re not straight if a girl turns you on

  44. thatguttalatina says:

    somewhat rite! somewhat makes no sence!

  45. UglySean says:

    You don’t “adopt” a sexual orientation – you discover it.
    Courageous? Radical? I’m a guy. Horny. Trendy has nothing to do with my being bi.
    If her “eyes” get off on women then she’s not str8. She’s fooling herself.
    Women can be repulsed by men and still be technically str8 as well.
    This dude is hurting.

  46. BarrelsPolesandJack says:

    If you’re looking for truth, you can find it in Jesus Christ.

  47. RunsWithWolves6 says:

    Somedays I’m attracted more to women and I’m like: am I really lesbian and in denial? And then other days I’m more attracted to men and I think: am I straight and just trying to be cool?
    So now I just say I’m bi and move on.

  48. SliC3oFicE says:

    if you are not bisexual but still wanna go with same sex then your pansexual

  49. rockstarayray477 says:

    youre a pure genious!! i fucking love you and i thinkk i noww understand if im bisexual or not

  50. bassreeves1965 says:

    for a man if you even want to experiment then you are a bi-sexual.

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